Sunday, August 2, 2009

i dont understand

penat2..walaupun bkn kenduri kawen aku..hahaa...ok kali ni bukan nak citer pasal kenduri wiken ni..yg tu aku pospone dulu..

aku nak citer pasal beriter yg agak xleh blah..perhimpunan haram kat kl..aku tau pun time aku tgk buletin utama mlm semalam..

the first thought that cross my mind when i saw that news was like "what the?"..i felt like i'm staying in another country..where scene like this can be considered as normal..or usual..but seriously, i'm not staying in US or UK or any where..i'm still in malaysia..the country which is supposed to be peaceful and then, what happened?

frankly speaking, i dont understand those 'people'..if you want to make riot like that, please do that somewhere else..or do it properly..i'm not siding for anyone or any politic party or certain just that i'm quite disappointed with their action..

it seems like xder orang pun dapaf faedah complex tutup, jalan jem, peniaga rugi, even lrt station kene tutup..and most of the 'people' have been captured by aper faedahnyer?

serious aku xpaham~


mr d0b said...

aku pun xpaham
silap2 dapat h1n1
n diorasng gak menganggu ketenteraman
bole kene under ISA gk

bLueSpeCky said...

tu la pasal..ader tu aku tgk ngan muker bertopeng2 pun nk gi gak..duk je ar umah jage kesihatan..

mr d0b said...
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mr d0b said...

manyak butot
ini olang kurang akal ka
kalu butot ada isu
maw naek courtla

bLueSpeCky said...

even worse,student pun ader gak involve..isk2

pendekar mustar said...

sayer pon dop pehe cik bluespecky~

bLueSpeCky said...

encik pendekar dop pehe gapo?