Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ku Seru!!

The title of this post is referred to what my friend always say everytime she wants/wishes to buy something, so allow me to borrow it for a while okay :P

Samsung Galaxy S2

Yes, I know now they got Galaxy Note and soon I heard there would be Samsung Galaxy S3 but I just love this one. Forget Iphone or HTC, this one really got me fell in love with it at the first sight. Cewah, exaggerate sangat kan. Haha. And yeah, aku plan nak grab ini barang maybe by Mac. Ala, save la duit dulu. Saya bukan orang kerja *ehem ehem* yang bergaji masyuk, eh, tibaaa~ haha.


Seriously, I don't care what brand it is, just as long as I got to buy one. The one that I have already torn apart and soon-to-be roti canai (tak tau apa kena mengena roti canai dengan wedges tapi layankan aje). Okay, this one is probably listed in the shorters-term of the wishlist. Hehe.

Swatch (SUOR101)

Smart and simple. And I love it. So, I'm pretty torn right now whether to spend money to buy this watch or the phone first. And yeah, boleh beli dua-dua tapiiiii nanti terasa macam spend banyak sangat duit. Haha. See, I have this kind of attitute yang cepat rasa bersalah bila spend duit overbudget, tu yang payah tu :P

Ha, amacam? Kuat tak seruan daku? Haha. The truth is, there are many other things that could be listed here but nanti-nanti la sambung yer. Nak mencapai yang tiga ketul ni pun payah. Yang lain-lain tu macam bertambah payah je. :P