Saturday, October 29, 2011

Iced Lemon Tea

So half of the gang went out to Mali's Corner one night and was headed to Starbucks@JJ Wangsa Maju when this little conversation took place.

Shayna : There Dayah. Volvo.

: Uuu.. I love Volvo. But it's big. It's a family car.

: We're a family what!

: Ya la! Your car, our car. Your home, our home.

: Amboi! Ce kalau ong nak bli keta Mesia je.

: Oh kalau camtu, we're just friends.

Hahahaha. Credit to Shayna for remembering every words. Ah, love you girls la. Terasa dah lama lak tak lepak jalan-jalan cari makan like we used to. Seems like everybody's busy and our different work schedules don't help a bit. *sigh.* We need a day off to hang out, pronto! Haha. Get Manpreet, Faten and Amal too and it'll be perfect!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

convo teaser

car sticker

dinner invitation

guest's entrance pass

the robe

convocation is just around the corner!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear other road users from another road user,

Firstly, please use your signal when you want to turn left/right or when you want to change lanes drastically. Trust me, every car/bike was built with signal and no matter whether your car is expensive or cheap, the installed signal is always there. Please use it so that other road users, including me don't have to step on our emergency brake, or cursing loudly in the car just because you don't know how to use the signal.

Secondly, please don't be selfish. If you are already in the long queue, please don't simply cutting off others who were there earlier than you. Trust me, everyone wants to get to the same destination as you and we don't appreciate your selfishness if you suddenly appears out of nowhere and slip in front of our car, especially at the traffic light's junction. Please be patient as other road users have to queue too, not just you.

Thirdly, for bikers, please don't simply honk others just because you couldn't slip through between the cars. Trust me, the road is too narrow and just wait for the light to turn green before you want to move. Oh, and other road users will appreciate it if you wouldn't suddenly speed up when the red light at your direction is already turned to red. Trust me, we don't really care if you end up being hit by a car just because you don't know that red light means you have to stop.

And lastly, for pedestrians, please use your eyes to see left and right when you cross the road. Especially when the road is not meant to be crossed freely. Trust me, they built the flyover for a reason, you know? Oh, another thing is, when the road is narrow, please don't walk like you and your friends own it. Trust me, even the smallest car in the world can hit your precious ass and don't cry when it'll be not as hot as Kim Kardashian's ass anymore after that. You bring it upon yourself. So, next time, use your common sense, will you? We don't have all time in the world to watch your 'lenggang-lenggok mak limah' as you and your friends are walking along the road and don't leave at least a space for cars to go through. Scratch that, even a bicycle won't fit if you and your friends keep walking like that.

Pardon me for my English as it's not my 'mother tongue', so it's not perfect. But I'm a little bit pissed at the moment and the other road users that I met today were the main source for that. You know me, I tend to use full English sentence when I'm pissed off.


p/s: and my sis's bike got stolen today. damn thief.