Friday, December 9, 2011

helllooooo weeekeeendddd~


berhabuk da blog ni rupanye. *sigh*

I'm not that busy. Seriously. Tak percaya? Ini serius.

Just for the first week of November, I was caught up in some works in kl and the rest of the month I was stuck in Miri. And let just say that internet connection there was not so convenience for blogging. (TIPU! INI SEMUA ALASAN! hahaha).

The thing is, I've run out of idea on what to write here. Any suggestion? :D

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Iced Lemon Tea

So half of the gang went out to Mali's Corner one night and was headed to Starbucks@JJ Wangsa Maju when this little conversation took place.

Shayna : There Dayah. Volvo.

: Uuu.. I love Volvo. But it's big. It's a family car.

: We're a family what!

: Ya la! Your car, our car. Your home, our home.

: Amboi! Ce kalau ong nak bli keta Mesia je.

: Oh kalau camtu, we're just friends.

Hahahaha. Credit to Shayna for remembering every words. Ah, love you girls la. Terasa dah lama lak tak lepak jalan-jalan cari makan like we used to. Seems like everybody's busy and our different work schedules don't help a bit. *sigh.* We need a day off to hang out, pronto! Haha. Get Manpreet, Faten and Amal too and it'll be perfect!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

convo teaser

car sticker

dinner invitation

guest's entrance pass

the robe

convocation is just around the corner!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear other road users from another road user,

Firstly, please use your signal when you want to turn left/right or when you want to change lanes drastically. Trust me, every car/bike was built with signal and no matter whether your car is expensive or cheap, the installed signal is always there. Please use it so that other road users, including me don't have to step on our emergency brake, or cursing loudly in the car just because you don't know how to use the signal.

Secondly, please don't be selfish. If you are already in the long queue, please don't simply cutting off others who were there earlier than you. Trust me, everyone wants to get to the same destination as you and we don't appreciate your selfishness if you suddenly appears out of nowhere and slip in front of our car, especially at the traffic light's junction. Please be patient as other road users have to queue too, not just you.

Thirdly, for bikers, please don't simply honk others just because you couldn't slip through between the cars. Trust me, the road is too narrow and just wait for the light to turn green before you want to move. Oh, and other road users will appreciate it if you wouldn't suddenly speed up when the red light at your direction is already turned to red. Trust me, we don't really care if you end up being hit by a car just because you don't know that red light means you have to stop.

And lastly, for pedestrians, please use your eyes to see left and right when you cross the road. Especially when the road is not meant to be crossed freely. Trust me, they built the flyover for a reason, you know? Oh, another thing is, when the road is narrow, please don't walk like you and your friends own it. Trust me, even the smallest car in the world can hit your precious ass and don't cry when it'll be not as hot as Kim Kardashian's ass anymore after that. You bring it upon yourself. So, next time, use your common sense, will you? We don't have all time in the world to watch your 'lenggang-lenggok mak limah' as you and your friends are walking along the road and don't leave at least a space for cars to go through. Scratch that, even a bicycle won't fit if you and your friends keep walking like that.

Pardon me for my English as it's not my 'mother tongue', so it's not perfect. But I'm a little bit pissed at the moment and the other road users that I met today were the main source for that. You know me, I tend to use full English sentence when I'm pissed off.


p/s: and my sis's bike got stolen today. damn thief.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

fresh and green

Alhamdulillah I finally got a job :)

Workplace? Company? Level 11, Dayabumi (sila google sendiri kalau curious..hahaha).

Department? Let's just say I have a very strong relationship with Risk and Safety. Jodoh kuat, orang kata. Haha.

Sangat fresh and green means I just started working about 2 weeks ago. See, fresh and green lagi kan? :P

So far so good. The environment is great. The bosses are awesome (let's hope it'll be like this forever..haha). The colleagues are friendly. But the downside is the food. Tak banyak choice kedai makan kat area sini. Ceh, pikir makan lak cik zima ni. Haha.

So, probation macam biasa la, 6 months (or more depends on my competency). I wish I will be officially become a permanent staff after that period. InsyaAllah. Kene kerja keras la camni. Hehe.

1st day.

2nd day.

1st week - kerja senang-senang. haha.

And then, datang la satu buku wajib rujuk.
Kiranye ni la guideline seumur hidup kerja ni. Haha.

2nd week - and part 1 of the real work pun bermula la. hehe.

So, agak-agak pasni blog ni macam ala-ala sunyi sepi sikit, paham-paham aje la yer.

Hahahahahahaha. Poyo gila ayat aku! Argh. Abaikan ayat di atas.

Takdela, kalau ada cerita menarik, sure aku story kat sini punyer la. Hehe.

Monday, September 12, 2011

cycle of life


a new phase of life.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

positive vibe

love the message here. we need more positive people in this world. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A thin line between opinion and hate

I like to read, seriously. I read everything. Doesn't matter if it's important or not. Facts, fictions, gossips or whatsoever. I can read it all. And while I was reading some of the articles, I've stumbled through this one. Really good point. Credit to the writer, bobbyhundreds. I don't know who he is, I'm too lazy to stalk him. Haha. But I guess I'm going to share what was he wrote about, entitled 'OPINION vs. HATE.'

Opinions are like assholes. But haters ARE assholes.

There’s a difference between OPINION and HATE, and I think it’s time we drew the difference.

Tonight, an erudite and composed (yet justifiably irate) reader tweeted me, calling me out for what he considered was an ignorant remark on Vancouver’s drug clinics. For years I’ve been privy to the rampant addiction in the city by hearsay from my Canadian friends, and being there this week, I experienced it firsthand. I believe I properly educated myself on the issues surrounding the care of these addicts, and voiced my opinion - albeit accusatory - on my blog.

One of my followers by the name of Billy was pissed. How dare I speak on the matter? I was wrong, and I was misinformed, and it was not only ignorant but careless for me to infer that the City was condoning the behavior and the illness. We went back and forth - RESPECTFULLY and RESPECTABLY - and eventually agreed to disagree. The reality is that as you get older, you realize that life isn’t so black and white, and that all those shades of grey are what classify us as individuals. And it is up to you to voice that opinion, to stand firm in your beliefs, and fight for what’s right.

Billy and I came away from that discourse as more enlightened human beings, a little bit smarter, a little more careful, and a lot more honest in our understanding of each other. It was a practice in social awareness, and it’s a healthy daily ritual in progression. And it’s all because he spoke up and left his comfort zone to confront me on something that meant a lot to him. I get plenty of haters and their mindless drivel goes in one ear and out the other. However, once in a blue moon, I get a Billy who knows what he’s talking about, knows how to talk about it, and more importantly, knows WHY he’s talking about it. And Billy gets a response from me.

OPINION is a rarity these days. Mere decades ago, our peers were literally dying for their causes, protesting in earnest, and suffering the consequences (jailtime, stigma) for it (See: The Weather Underground). But today it’s about politicking and shmoozing and appeasement and, for the lack of a better word, dickriding. It’s indicative of postmodernism’s rapture on the global consciousness. The new millenium is about accepting everything, whether it’s right or wrong, good or bad, delicious or downright disgusting, because it’s easy, comfortable, low-risk, and self-serving, plus everyone is entitled to their opinion and therefore, everybody is correct. And while that’s an ideal to be celebrated because it accommodates all, it leaves little room for critique and ultimately, betterment.

To make matters worse, in the year 2011, what we have in it’s place is HATE - and there is a marked difference there with OPINION. HATE is fueled by jealousy and negativity. OPINION is rooted in intelligence and analysis. HATE is prompted by insecurity and ill will. OPINION is blind, it’s goal is to further truth and understanding. Two people walk away from HATE as worse people. If played the right way, two people sharing opinions, leave the room inspired.

And so don’t just go around moronically LIKE-ing everything (thanks for dumbing us down, Facebook), or HATING everything - but instead, be like Billy. QUESTION EVERYTHING, formulate a stance on important matters because they affect people’s lives, and more importantly, they affect yours. Remember, if you’re not thinking for yourself, someone will do it for you.

Once you’ve determined where you stand, express it and be open to the dialogue that should ensue. This is how things get better, this is how we keep it moving. It’s not about hating and shutting down and spewing negativity, it’s about pushing each other to think a little bit harder and produce a little bit stronger.

This is just my opinion.

Couldn't agree more with his points. We tend to conform, accepting and agreeing with everything we've been fed to. I admit, sometimes I was one of those youths who likes to conform, rather than speak their own minds. But I guess, it's all depends on the situation. Everyone has their own opinions. Respect others opinion and they will respect you back. Not just because they have different opinions than you, you suddenly hate them or bashed their opinions. It doesn't work that way. Don't be such a hater, people. You could always agree to disagree with someone that doesn't think the same way as you do. :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

high school never ends

When I say "I MISS SCHOOL" it means my "FRIENDS AND THE FUN" not the "SCHOOL."

So true! Bila kata rindu zaman sekolah, bukannya rindu sekolah tu. Rindu kawan-kawan and masa-masa gembira time tu je. :P Alkisahnya siang tadi aku pick adik lelaki aku kat sekolah, pening katanya. So, bila masuk balik sekolah lama, tetiba datang nostalgic feeling. Cewah~

Tu yang aku search gambar lama-lama tu. Tak banyak sangat pun. Almaklumlah, dulu-dulu mana ada DSLR, digital camera bagai ni. Ada tu ada tapi tak di'expose'kan lagi. Zaman tu ramai yang guna kamera berfilem lagi. Mahal kot nak amek gambar banyak-banyak. Haha. So, jom la travel down the memory lane sikit-sikit. :P

Aktiviti after PMR. Cat mural. Bajet berseni sangat kan. Haha

Aku tengah sibuk sign baju salah sorang classmate before dia gi MRSM Beseri.
Time ni awal-awal form 4 ni tak silap.

Zati and Amal. Tak tahu apa motip gambar ni. Haha.

Manpreet. Bajet innocent. Haha.

Rock on! Zaman bawak sling bag je gi sekolah. Trend la konon.
Tapi suka sling bag. Ah, rindu bag tu.

Kids, don't try this at home.
Seriously, diorang ni tengah posing kat toilet lelaki. Haha.

Grafiti hasil seni senior. Smart. Suka tengok. Banyak lagi kat tepi-tepi tu.
Biasala, masing-masing berbakat. Haha.

Posing depan surau. Tak tau apa motip. Haha.

Ha, and satu lagi quote yang aku terbaca, "High school changes people. Some for the better, some for the worst. But if one thing is true; you find out who your real friends are." Couldn't agree more. Glad that some of them really become my real friends. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

geng mengaji

"mim diatas ma..mim di bawah mi..mim didepan mu..mamimu..saya panggil mak saya mummy..ustaz panggil apa mak ustaz?"

Budak yang nama usamah dalam citer ni paling cute aku rasa!
Tengok je la clip kat atas tu. Rasa nak cubit-cubit. Haha.

"mak: nanti dah besar kalo yehyeh jadi tok imam macam mana?
yehyeh: ala..yehyeh tak nak jadi tok imam..yehyeh nak jadi tauke kedai mamak"

Boleh bagi nama anak yehyeh. Ustaz tu pun boleh buat style bandi amuk time panggil nama budak tu mula-mula.Haha.

Hahahaha. Itu antara scene dengan dialog paling tak boleh blah dalam citer ni. Tiap-tiap pagi sahur hari Rabu smpai Ahad pukul 5 tu, memang sah tengok cerita ni kat Astro Prima.
Cute giler budak-budak ni berlakon :D

Monday, August 8, 2011

what and where..

....I've been up to for these past weeks?

Ulu Yam
-small picnic with Shayna and her boyfriend-

Sri Gombak
-breakfast with ice lemon tea gang-

-cousin's engagement day-

Batu Caves
-visiting Dya's workplace-

-Amzar's wedding-

On the way to UTP
-roadtrip! haha-

-break fasting-

credit: pictures from friends :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Kehadapan makcik yang beratur di belakang saya di kedai sizzling area food court Sogo,

Sesungguhnya saya tahu jam di tangan menunjukkan pukul 7.15 petang. Kira-kira 13-14 minit sebelum buka puasa waktu Kuala Lumpur. Saya faham. Makcik lapar. Saya lapar. Semua orang di food court itu pun lapar. Tapi sesungguhnya ada papan tanda besar yang bertulis 'Please Queue' atau dalam bahasa ibunda negara kita - 'Sila Beratur'. Saya yakin makcik faham. Sedangkan minah saleh yang beratur selang dua tiga orang di hadapan saya pun faham, apalah sangat orang melayu tulen macam kita ni kan makcik? Dan sesungguhnya saya faham makcik tak sabar-sabar nak duduk untuk berbuka, tapi saya pun sama. Tidak perlulah makcik menghimpit-himpit ke hadapan sampai saya rasa macam kena serangan seksual. Ini serius, makcik. Sekarang bulan puasa. Saya sabar. Sesungguhnya makcik pun kena sabar. Bukannya dengan tiba-tiba makcik berteriak kepada abang pembuat sizzling dan tempah apa yang makcik mahu Sesungguhnya itu giliran seorang kakak di hadapan saya dan sepatutnya selepas itu giliran saya, bukan begitu ke makcik? Sesungguhnya saya diajar untuk menghormati orang yang lebih tua, tapi bukan ke orang tua pun patut menghormati yang muda? Bukan begitu? Saya sabar. Kakak di hadapan saya pun sabar. Mungkin kami terlebih menghormati makcik yang tiba-tiba laju sahaja menempah makanan dan dengan selamba badak sahaja lalu di hadapan kami tanpa memandang kami sekilas pun untuk mengambil makanan makcik. Oh makcik. Sesungguhnya saya dan kakak itu hanya mampu pandang-memandang sesama kami dan senyum tawar. Eh, macam mana saya tahu itu senyum tawar sedangkan bulan puasa, mana boleh rasa manis, masin ke tawar kan? Tapi, saya faham. Kami berdua sabar. Kami biarkan makcik buat apa yang makcik mahu. Sebab kami hormat. Sesungguhnya makcik, lain kali makcik hormat orang-orang muda yang lain pula ya? Kita semua hidup kene saling hormat-menghormati, yang muda hormat yang tua, yang tua hormat yang muda, betul tak makcik?

Terima kasih.

Yang Sabar,
Saya yang beratur di hadapan makcik tadi.

Monday, August 1, 2011

salam Ramadhan :)


banyak je benda nak story..kot..


laptop problem..

internet problem..


just nak cakap

salam Ramadhan :)

notahati: puasa jangan tak puasa :P

Friday, June 24, 2011

March On!

Don't cry,
Open up your eyes and know
There's someone else out there that feels this way

I'm singing to you
Cause I know what you've been through and now
It's not so long ago I felt the same

Like soldiers
March on
If we can make it through the night we'll see the sun
March on, march on

I remember summer nights alone
Fireflies the only thing we own
All we ever dreams of California
I remember winters were so cold
Hunger was the only thing we know
And rock n roll dreamin' was what saved us

Like soldiers
March on
If we can make it through the night we'll see the sun
March on, march on

Till we see the sun
Till we see the sun

Through the good times
Through the bad times
Through the long days
Through the hard nights
Keep on till we see the sun

Like soldiers
March on
If we can make it through the night we'll see the sun
March on, march on

Like soldiers
March on
If we can make it through the night we'll see the sun
March on, march on

Even when there's no one there for you march on
Even when the days are long for you march on
Like soldiers
March on

notahati: beautiful song, lyrics and voice. lagu motivasi untuk masa sekarang.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

what do we have in common?

Emma Stone


Hayley Williams


So, guess what do we have in common?

You don't want to take a guess?



Well, one thing that we have in common is....

...we're all hot and beautiful.

HAHAAHA..okay,kidding! :P

the truth is...

we were all born in 1988!!

1988 rocks! haha

so, last week (31st may) was my birthday, so now i am sweet 23 officially!! ~ hahaha..

what? you think only 16 years old can be sweet? 23 years old also can laaa...:P

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

pantas dan garang versi 5

sangat best!

aper yang best?

  • Vin Diesel and Paul Walker haruslah berchemistry best dari Fast and Furious 1 lagi.
  • Reunion of all-stars from every chapter of fast and furious (Jordana Brewster, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Matt Schulze, Tego Calderon and Don Omar), menarik weh tengok reunion camni.
  • Ada Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock as hard-nosed federal agent. Beliau sangat gagah yer. Haha.
  • Dialog-dialog sarcastic and punchline yang kelakar. Betol, 1 cinema tu gelak tak hingat dunia. Haha.
  • Style nak rompak orang jahat sangat smart cam ala-ala citer Ocean's Eleven. I like~
  • Race and fight scenes yang sangat sangat sangat menaikkan hormon adrenaline. Haha. Ini serius.
  • Oh, time da abes tu, jangan kuar cinema terus. Tunggu lepas abes kredit name pelakon sebab lepas tu ader 1 short clip yang mengejutkan. Jeng jeng jeng. :P

Eh, mane boleh citer banyak-banyak, korang kena la gi tengok sendiri..:P

Sunday, May 1, 2011

happy hours

movie? Love and Other Drugs at Wangsa Walk.

rating? errr...tak sure la..korang tengok sendiri la..haha

and dinner


smile. laugh. happy. love it :)

Chocolate Thunder from Down Under.

very nyummy~

told ya, very nyummy~

masing-masing kononnya da kenyang..

tapi bila sampai je chocolate thunder..

sampai berebut nak makan..haha..

group photo!
too bad Amal still kat utp, next time yer mal :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


i am running out of ideas on what to write here..

but i got the feeling to write something..

it just, i don't know what is the 'thing' that i want to write..

see? i am going crazy here, i know..

let just say for the time being, i am tired of living in uncertainty..


yeah, that's kinda sum up of what's happening in my life right now..

sometimes i think i'm living in autopilot mode..

maybe it's because i've been living in the same routine for quite a long time..

i am not being ungrateful here..

because i know i have to seize the moment, i mean the 'free' moment i have right now..

but somehow, deep down, i can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, if you know what i mean..

they said i've to be patient, not just me, i mean my friends who also in the same 'situation' as i'm in right now..


sometimes, i think my patience is wearing thin..

yet sometimes, i think i've to keep holding on..


sorry for the meaningless entry..

it just that..

i am better in expressing how i feel by writing rather than talking..

so, this is me right now..

i mean, the state of my mind at the moment..

it's kinda..


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dialog suami isteri

Seorang suami sedang mencari-cari helah untuk membolehkan dia berkahwin lagi. Antara alasan yang diberikannya:

Suami : Lelaki kahwin 3 baru lah sah

Isteri : Kenapa pula?

Suami : Cuba terjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Inggeris, "satu" is one, "dua" is two, "tiga" isteri (is three). Baru betul dan sah!.

Isteri : Tapi abang kena faham Bahasa Inggeris, terutama tentang "singular" dan "plural"

Suami : Berkenaan apa tu?

Isteri : Satu tu "Singular"; dua atau lebih "Plural"

Suami : Contohnya?

Isteri : One car sebagai singular, two cars sebagai plural. Apa bezanya?

Suami : Ohhh... tambah huruf "s" untuk yang plural

Isteri : Betul tu. Sama juga la untuk abang

Suami : Macam mana pula boleh sama?

Isteri : Satu isteri abang MAMPU, jika dua isteri dah jadi plural, maka abang MAMPUS, tambah "s" je, kan?

Lepas daripada tu, si-suami tidak pernah lagi berceritakan hasratnya untuk berkahwin lagi...

credit: fb Kami rasa Cinta itu tidak buta, tetapi mereka yang buta kerana cinta

hahahaha...i couldn't stop laughing..haha...

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's not bad, it's Good Charlotte :)

Dalam zaman-zaman tanam anggur yang asek free je ni, aku pun jalan-jalan kat koleksi lagu dalam laptop ni. pastu terjumpa la folder band yang satu ni. Oh, gila rindu layan lagu diorang. Boleh pulak aku ingat lagi semua lirik, kalo la boleh ingat semua formula time study dulu camni, sah-sah boleh score GPA 4.0 every semester. Haha.

1st album (Good Charlotte):

Little Things

Waldorf Worldwide

The Motivation Proclamation

East Coast Anthem

Festival Song



I Don't Wanna Stop

I Heard You
Walk By
Let Me Go



Thank You Mom (Hidden Track)

  • Ha, aku paling suka lagu Little Things ngan The Motivation Proclamation. Nice lyrics. Album diorang yang ni paling cam ala-ala honest la kot aku rase, sebab lagu diorang related ngan past life or family diorang. Mostly pasal kene buli, torture time sekolah. Ala, kalo korang tengok citer omputeh kan high school diorang ader group famous la, jocks la, loser la. Kire diorang ni time sekolah masuk kategori loser yang selalu kena buli la. Hehe.

2nd album (The Young and The Hopeless):

A New Beginning
The Anthem
Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous
The Story of My Old Man
Girls & Boys
My Bloody Valentine
Hold On
Riot Girl
Say Anything
The Day That I Die
The Young and The Hopeless
Movin' On

  • Suka semua lagu! Haha. Serius, aku paling suka album diorang yang ni. Still the same concept as the first album, but album ni better la music diorang. Aku suka lagu diorang sebab instead of buat orang depressed, diorang punye lagu macam motivate orang. Tak percaya try la dengar lagu macam Hold On dengan Movin' On. Tengok official video Hold On tu pun aku boleh nanges. Hehe. Lagu Emotionless pun kalo dengar diorang nyanyi lagu tu betol-betol, memang rasa la sedih sebab citer pasal ayah diorang tinggalkan family diorang on Christmas Eve. Isk. Sampai hati tinggalkan famili camtu je. Ha, tapi tu la, memang aku paling suka album yang ni la. :)

3rd album (The Chronicles of Life and Death):

Once Upon A Time: The Battle of Life and Death
The Chronicles of Life and Death
Walk Away (Maybe)
I Just Wanna Live
Ghost of You
The Truth
The World Is Black
We Believe
It Wasn't Enough
In This World (Murder)
Falling Away (Bonus Track-Life Version)
Meet My Maker (Bonus Track - Death Version)

  • Ha, yang ni pun aku macam suka semua lagu. Haha. Time album ni music diorang jadi macam unik sikit la aku rasa. Tak tau nak kategorikan music ape. Haha. Yang penting lagu ngan lirik memang semua best. Album yang ni ada 2 version - life and death. Bezanya aku tau yang life version, cover album cerah sikit compare ngan death version. Aku haruslah beli yang death version, nampak smart skit cover. Haha.

4th album (Good Morning Revival):

Good Morning Revival
The River
Dance Floor Anthem
Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
Victims of Love
Where Would We Be Now
Break Apart Her Heart
All Black
Beautiful Place
Something Else
Broken Hearts Parade
March On

  • Album yang ni, aku mula-mula macam tak suka sangat sebab da hilang da music ala-ala punk rock diorang. Haha. Tapi bila dengar betol-betol, still best je. Maybe la lagu diorang da tak macam previous albums sebab biasala, diorang bukannya budak-budak yang baru nak rebel lagi. Sebab lagu-lagu diorang kan banyak based on experience sendiri, so logik la makin lama music diorang makin tak berapa nak 'jerit-jerit sambil angguk kepala' orang kata. Plus, takkan la sampai tua nak buat lagu pasal high school punya citer kan. Haha. Tapi lagu The River, Dance Floor Anthem dengan Broken Hearts Parade still boleh layan what~ Oh, lagu yang lirik dier paling aku suka Misery dengan March On.

5th album (Cardiology):

Introduction to Cardiology
Let The Music Play
Counting The Days
Silver Screen Romance
Like It's Her Birthday
Last Night
Sex on The Radio
Standing Ovation
Harlow's Song (Can't Dream Without You)
Interlude: The Fifth Chamber
There She Goes
Right Where I Belong

  • Ha, aku baru je layan album yang ni so macam tak dapat sangat nak komen banyak. Tapi paling best aku rasa lagu Counting The Days. I like that song~ Haha. Lagu lain yang aku rasa best macam lagu Standing Ovation, 1979, Last Night dengan Harlow's Song. Oh, lagu-lagu kat bonus track untuk album ni pun best. Bonus track- Catherine (Damn This Situation), Accident Prone, Better Run, Between The Bars. Yes, they sound different in this album, but to me, it's a good different la. :)

Ape lagi ek pasal diorang ni?

  • Lagu 'If You Leave' - Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack pun best bagi aku.
  • Ha, they're not bad live (including acoustic). But still tak boleh lawan Linkin Park punye live performance la. Linkin Park tetap hebat di mataku~ eceh~ Haha

"I think that our goal in Good Charlotte is just to be Good Charlotte,
and whatever happens, whatever that means,
we don't even know, we just push on and
tour and make music and do whatever."

"We don't really consider ourselves a punk rock band.
Punk rock is supposed to be anti-clique, but these days,
even punk rock has gotten cliquey."

"It's very cliched to go, 'You're not punk.'
We don't care if we are, and we don't care if we aren't,"

See? They don't label their band as punk or whatsoever, they're just Good Charlotte :) Sebab tu la aku rasa music diorang still okay je tak kisah la lama ke baru. Or maybe aku ni open minded kot, janji lagu best, layan aje, tak payah susah-susah nak compare details sangat dengan lagu-lagu lama diorang. Sebab aku selalu tengok orang-orang komen kat youtube macam-macam. Kalau tak suka lagu yang baru, tak yah la dengar, yer tak? Ni bukan aku tengok kat band ni je, kira macam semua artis la kena macam ni gak, siap ade gado-gado lagi cakap lagu lama lagi best la, lagu baru lagi best la, macam-macam la. Haha. Bagi aku senang je, kalau suka, dengar dan layan, kalau tak suka, takyah dengar and takyah layan. Hisyh, tu pun aku nak kena ajar ke. Hahaha.

Ok la, penat la pulak type entry panjang ni. Nak gi layan Maharaja Lawak dulu la. Haha. Chiao~

Monday, April 11, 2011

Broga Hill

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words..

so, 18 pictures are worth 18 thousand words? haha..

credit pics : fb cik hamizah..:)