Wednesday, April 27, 2011


i am running out of ideas on what to write here..

but i got the feeling to write something..

it just, i don't know what is the 'thing' that i want to write..

see? i am going crazy here, i know..

let just say for the time being, i am tired of living in uncertainty..


yeah, that's kinda sum up of what's happening in my life right now..

sometimes i think i'm living in autopilot mode..

maybe it's because i've been living in the same routine for quite a long time..

i am not being ungrateful here..

because i know i have to seize the moment, i mean the 'free' moment i have right now..

but somehow, deep down, i can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, if you know what i mean..

they said i've to be patient, not just me, i mean my friends who also in the same 'situation' as i'm in right now..


sometimes, i think my patience is wearing thin..

yet sometimes, i think i've to keep holding on..


sorry for the meaningless entry..

it just that..

i am better in expressing how i feel by writing rather than talking..

so, this is me right now..

i mean, the state of my mind at the moment..

it's kinda..