Thursday, August 20, 2009

happy birthday..:) is my dad's birthday..:)

let me sing first..

hepi besday to u~
hepi besday to u~
hepi besday to ayah~
hepi besday to u~

sedap x?hahaha...(merepek)

my dad's age now is 48 yrs old..officially..hehe..coz my uncle said that my dad was born on 1960 but his i/c stated 1961..of course i pick the latter..haha..lgpun ayah aku every year ckp " ala, baru masuk 20 tahun~"..perasan muder i know where i got sindrom perasan terlebeh tu..haha..

and here is my dad...hepi besday...smoge dipanjangkan umur and dimurahkan rezeki..amin~

susah betol nak carik picture yang bliau duk sorang2 je..jumper yang ni..isk2..

p/s : not to forget, hepi besday gak to one of my coursemates,mr. dob..wish u gudluck for everything..:)

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