Monday, January 3, 2011

Don't Stop Believing

currently being in this phase of life somehow makes me depressed, ya know..

not that i'm pessimistic or anything, trust me, i am very very very optimistic person..:)

it just that for the time being i'm not able to be optimistic..


not that i'm not grateful, it just..

i don't know how to put it into words..

see, i know it not just only me currently being unemployed but somehow the pressure is getting higher day by day, ya know..

somehow when i know/accidentally read/heard that my friends being employed or got interviewed, i feel a little bit out of confidence..

not that i'm not happy for them, i do feel happy feel them..seriously, since they can treat me after they got their first salary, right? :P no, no..seriously seriously, I AM HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS :)

it's just my inner demon (wow, sorry for so much supernatural reference..haha) somehow makes me questioning my ability to be able to being an employee..

it's like..

"can i do this?"

"can i work in this sector?"

"does my qualification is not enough to meet employer's requirement?"

things like that..see, that's why i called it my inner demon..have nothing to do with everyone else, don't worry, i am not talking about anyone, i am talking about me..hehe..

and the situation keeps getting worse when somehow some people keep asking and asking and asking without thinking about how i would feel..not my friends, i know somehow some of my friends are feeling the same as just some older older people keep being nosy..gratefully, not my parents, i am thankful that they are being understanding and keep supporting me, oh yeah, i am grateful :)


sorry, i'm rambling here..haha..somehow being able to express it here makes me feel lighter..hehe..

okeh, now let's do some relaxation moves..hiyah! hiyah! yeah! that's the spirit!

okay, now i am full of spirit again..

i will hunting and hunting and hunting until i get the right job for me..oh, and my friends as well :)

pray for me yea :)

and i know the right song for the time being...

Glee Cast - Don't Stop Believing


dya said...

Don't stop believing darling! ;)

p/s: i know how you feel.

bLueSpeCky said...

thanx hun..:)

p/s: yeah, let's feelin it together..hoho