Monday, August 9, 2010

pissed off

i am so pissed off right now and would not be responsible for any harshness word that may have come afterward..



what the hell they were thinking when they added the management subject? i mean, if they know that the class time is clash with slot for lab, why did they added it at the first place?

our batch before always sacrifice our electives subject and take it until final semester since it always clashes with lab slots, but they? they dont care about others..they took the subject and make OUR timetable being really mess..

and they got the gut to tell us that, " korang la ni wat timetable kitorang messy, klas kitorang da pack..bla3"...damn! we were asking nicely and you answered like that? how annoying!

and yeah, i feel like their batch (not all of them, but mostly) do not respect our batch just because we are at the same age, i think.. but still, learn to respect others please..

not just that, sometimes we feel like they are being so arrogant and dont even smile at us even though we are in the same class..still, not all of them, but mostly..and we were like, "hello,ko ingat ko bagus sangat?!" (annoying tone)..

argh, malas nak citer panjang da..this is really special entry because i dont get mad easily..and i dont like to write bad but this one is the ONLY exception..(macam lagu paramore lak)...

and yeah, i learn to accept the fate of our timetable this semester already, but still, i am pissed off because they dont seem so selfish and only think about themselves when they added those subjects during lab slots..

ok, im gonna stop now. and if they gonna be pissed at me or our batch after this, i just want to say, "ader aku kesah?"

p/s: forgive me for my broken english. but i tend to use english when i'm mad. huhu


mr d0b said...

pukul itu budak

bLueSpeCky said...

aha. aku wakilkan ko je la weh

anis said...

Hahaha.Funny that every semester same problem happened.

Sabar k Zeema. Adala tu hikmahnya. Although cliche but it is so right :)

bLueSpeCky said...

hehe..btol, tapi last semester, everybody can tolerated others..miss the seniors, at least they respect us and we respect each other :)

BuDaK KeCiK said... da jadi kes you-know-who dgn dayah nih. xpuas ati, blog je. kekeke...asal la ko xsound je dorg. ish ish ish. rugi tol

bLueSpeCky said...

haha. ader membe aku da sound tepek da. aku sapot je ler