Tuesday, February 8, 2011

i love number 8

, i've been tagged by cik anis cantek, and dengan obviousnya terlebih free time kat rumah, jom buat tag ni..hehe

1. Most irritating condition?
- when i met disrespectful person. always happen when i'm using public transportation. ahakz, experience tu :P

2. Most irritating question?
- copy cik anis sket, "buat apa sekarang?" or for the time being, "kerja kat mana sekarang?"..even worse, "bila nak kawen?"..once or twice, or if my friends ask, i don't mind..but if the same people ask the same question over and over again, it annoys me.

3. I can tolerate the sound of baby crying, but I can never tolerate ____?
- backstabbers and liars.

4. As a girl, I always have this weird dream of having _____ in my future house.
- nice,spacey and unique-shape bathtub so i can lay there and release all the tension..konon bajet spa~ haha

5. A perfect birthday gift is?
- being remembered by the loved ones. :)

6. High heels or flat? And why?
- i prefer flat. it's comfortable. high heels? usually for kenduri-kendara or when i feel like wearing it :P

7. A something that you saw others do/wear, you have the slightest idea to try the same thing but you certainly sure you will never do that.
- wearing a glamour/fancy long dresses or high-end boots that i love. but no, i don't think i'll ever do that,too sexy for me. hahaha.

8. A thing that you would like to change about yourself?
- hurm, my laziness. hehe. seriously, when the 'zima-so-lazy-syndrome' comes, nak makan pun malas. see, padahal kuat makan, tapi kalo malas giler memang dasat sampai makan pun skip. isk2.

i'm done with my lovely number 8, so, everyone yang singgah, boleh la join wat tag ni..:)


mr d0b said...

xlepas la chorr nak buat.

anis said...

Yeay!Thanks wat tag nie Zeema :D

Ko kuat makan Zeema, tp body slim giler.Gile jelessssss huhuuh

bLueSpeCky said...

mr dob: alamak..nape lak

anis: haha..ala, ko nyer body lgi cantek kot :)